Watershed – Douglas Niles

A Breach in the Watershed coverErected by the gods, the Watershed divides the lands of men, magic, and evil, protecting each from the others and separating water from Aura from Darkblood.

A thousand years ago, the Sleepstealer, god of evil, invaded the realm of men with his vicious minions, only to suffer defeat by combined forces of humans and Faerine. Now that humankind has all but forgotten that invasion, he schemes again, turning human against Faerine through treachery.

Only a young mountain climber marked by prophecy and his unlikely companions know the truth. Can they stop a deadly war that will leave all three lands the Sleepstealer’s to claim?

With this upcoming setting chapter, you can role-play in the world of Douglas Niles’ New York Times bestselling Watershed trilogy, beginning with A Breach in the Watershed.

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