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Dragon Kings is Timothy Brown’s spiritual successor to Dark Sun. Come visit Khitus, a savage fantasy world on the brink of collapse, a world in need of new heroes!

Khitus, the World of the Dragon Kings
In better days, the Dragon Kings ruled beneficently over the face of Khitus. The city-states around the Inland Seas thrived beneath their wings. They let each nation and each civilization flourish in its own idiom, all free peoples, unmolested, unafraid.

But those days lie buried beneath dust and sand.

Over the centuries, the Dragon Kings retreated gradually from the world, and in their absence malignancies grew. Greed, war, and pestilence emerged to blight the land. The world’s best days faded into memory.

Now the Dragon Kings are spoken of only in hushed tones, for fear of incurring their wrath. They oversee the savage plundering of Khitus, the theft of anything and everything of value. Their raiders steal it all—metal, gemstones, even food and weapons—and march the weak away in chains. Worse still, the Dragon Kings employ powerful magic to redirect entire rivers and keep the very clouds for themselves, leaving a scorched wasteland of bones and despair.

This setting chapter will provide the tools you need to explore the savage world of the Dragon Kings for yourself!

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