Dark Fagara: Age of the Orc – John F. Watson

A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

A thousand years ago, an alliance of dwarves, elves, and humans formed to fight the orcs and other savage races for the fate of the world. They failed.

Humanity has been driven underground or into the wastelands; the elven and dwarven races have been hunted close to extinction. Some few dwarves, elves, and humans are kept as slaves of the Orcish Empire.

The world of Fagara has fallen into a time of darkness—the Age of the Orc. Will you adventure as a conqueror or the conquered?

John F. Watson has been been involved in tabletop role-playing games since the mid-90s. From traditional fantasy to hard science fiction, he has played and run games from nearly ever genre. A Texas native, he currently resides in Pennsylvania with his girlfriend Erin, dog Ragnar, and three ferrets—Hope, Oscar, and Sepia.

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