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Citizen in the Temple is a sci-fi film that takes place on Eolan, an exotic, wasteland planet where life hangs by a thread. The city of Nok Tiris is one of the only remaining points of civilization. It is a wheel of timeworn factories and urban sprawl. High technology left over from ancient times is scarce and hoarded by a thin slice of the elite. Everyone else is left to pick through the bones of a world in its death throes.

Gangs of tribal outlanders steal what they can from Nok Tiris. Average citizens are assigned a work detail, but the rations of food and energy they receive are rarely enough. Bio-engineered humanoid drones are created by the thousands as low cost workers to keep the city running. The Templars are an order of inquisitors and mad scientists who experiment with nanotechnology and brutally regulate every facet of daily life. Rumors have spread about the strange creations they deposit in the catacombs beneath The Temple. Above it all, an unseen collective known as The Consortium rules Nok Tiris from the shadows.

The hero of the film is a man named Jennon Ril. By day he’s a scientist working on ways to preserve life on the planet. Secretly, however, he’s part of The Shepherd’s Way, an underground revolutionary movement dedicated to ending the tyranny of The Consortium.

After being discovered at his hideout, Jennon is chased by an enforcer drone who is programmed to stop at nothing until his quarry is captured. After an intense battle, Jennon is caught and taken to The Temple. An especially sinister templar named Ceres accuses Jennon of severe crimes against the city. When Jennon refuses to cooperate, Ceres raises the stakes by threatening the woman he loves. Ultimately Jennon is forced to choose between his love and his rebellion.

This D6xD6 RPG setting chapter you will allow you to assume the role of a citizen in Nok Tiris. You can join the underground resistance, or you can be a “good citizen” and report suspicious activity to The Temple. You can explore the ancient ruins of Eolan, search for lost technology, and test what limits you’ll go to in order to survive this dangerous world!

Get the game setting here.

Get the Citizen in the Temple video here.

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