Mutha Oith – Andy Hopp

The Whole Hole coverLow Life and The Whole Hole: A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith, Vol. 1: Keister Island depict a festering world risen from the ashes of our own, as only the mad Andy Hopp could conceive, author, and illustrate!

It was the best of times…
Gazillions of years in the future, the vaunted Hoomanrace is extinct, and Oith’s dominant lifeforms have evolved from the dregs that survived the various apocalypses.

It was the end of times…
Take part in “Spork and Sorcery” adventure in a shattered world inhabited by the descendants of cockroaches, worms, snack cakes, and stranded aliens. Discover the arcane secrets of hocus pokery, dementalism, smellcasting, and contanimation. Battle hideous beasts risen from the rubble of ancient civilizations. Enjoy a light lunch at the Primordial Soup Kitchen.

This CORE RPG setting chapter will allow you to fight, sneak, and magic your way across Mutha Oith as a werm, croach, smelf, cremefillian, or other denizen of the far-out future.

NEWS! Andy has created a free Low Life random adventure generator PDF.

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