World of Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. – Angela Roquet

Death is in fashion!

Eternity has evolved. In Limbo City, the modern-day capital of the collective afterlives, reapers deliver souls to every heaven and hell imaginable, gods negotiate peace treaties, and rebels scheme to destroy an ancient democracy built on secrets.

Meanwhile, in the city’s day-to-day life, demons occasionally date angels, nephilim drive taxis, and minor deities run bars and boutiques. The shopping, of course, is to die for!

In “The World of Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.” setting, based on the popular novels by Angela Roquet, players take the roles of lowly reapers. Their job is to harvest souls on earth and ferry them to their proper afterlife destinations, while somehow surviving the devious schemings of the many devils and deities at odds there.

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