11. Settings

Each setting chapter for the D6xD6 RPG provides the details you’ll need for role playing in a unique world.


This section summarizes the setting for those new to it, identifying source material where you can learn more. In most cases, that source material is the novels or films upon which the setting is based. In a few, it is a short list of sources pinpointing a genre.


Some settings involve unique occupations for players’ characters (wizard, space navigator, demigod), or twists that are unique to the world. You’ll find descriptions of those in this section.


For many settings, the default skill list (see Chapter 6, “Basic Skills”) will serve. For others, added skills (dowsing, dimensional folding, resurrection) may be called for.

Special Rules

If a setting requires a special rule not covered by occupation or skills, this section will detail it.


While the D6xD6 RPG rules list some basic combat equipment applicable to the modern world—and the near past and near future—many settings are likely to feature more specific items, as provided in this section.


Villains, monsters, and bystanders common to a setting will be found in this section.

Sample Adventure

Each setting chapter will provide a three-act adventure to help the game host usher players into that world. If you are a player rather than a game host, it is recommended that you stop reading the chapter at that point. Don’t spoil any surprises for yourself!

Adventure Seeds

Short adventure suggestions follow the sample adventure, to further spark the game host’s imagination.

Campaign Ideas

Any final words the author may have for maintaining a long-term series of adventures in the setting will be provided here.

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