8. Rest and Healing

Any good story, like any good roller coaster, intersperses periods of high action and recovery. These game rules provide several options for recuperation.

Healing Options

  1. Abstract Healing: Whenever players’ characters have at least several hours of “down time” between encounters, they heal entirely. This option is particularly suited to super powered settings.
  2. Dramatic Healing: At the end of each game day, characters heal one level. Additionally players may make a recovery roll per the optional “Second Wind” rule in Chapter 7, “Combat and Damage.”
  3. “Realistic” Healing: Whenever characters spend a day resting under successful medical care (a roll against the First Aid skill or a medical occupation), they automatically recover from one level of damage. Without medical care, “killed” characters die; others recover one level per week of rest. Note that “killed” characters cannot treat themselves; though other damaged characters can (with the appropriate dice penalties for their damage levels). Note: Bonus successes on a medical care roll speed healing to 12 hours (one level), 8 hours (two levels), or 6 hours (three levels)—at which time a new roll can be made.

Medical Equipment

The rules above assume appropriate medical supplies are available.

  • For poor equipment, the game host may apply a penalty to dice rolls for medical care.
  • For exceptional equipment, the game host may apply bonus effect levels to successful healing rolls.

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