13. Playtesters

Machete photo

Machete photo by Dusty J. at Flickr

Thank you to the following people for playing and offering valuable comments on this game:

James R. Brooks
Aramas Brooks
Travis Clay
Keith Darron
Katie Davis
Tammie Davis
Julian DeLaRosa
Raymond Deppen
Tim Deppen
Dale Donovan
Dani Donovan
Henry Dunsirn
Ralph Faraday
Marty Forbeck
Matt Forbeck
Ernie Givens
Richard Hayden
Raymond Heatherly
Mark Hoskins
Amelia Iliff
Bob Iliff
Nick Karbassi
Nick Karbasi
Aimee Kelsey
Chase Kelsey
Doug Kilmer
Drew Kilmer
Aaron Klein
Ted Kocot
Matthew Bryan Laube
Kevin Lemens
Andy Magnusson
Kyle Mayhugh
Scott McClenaghan
Steven Muhow
Stephanie Newbrough
Scott Nickell
Christine Niles
Douglas Niles
Candace Phoenix
Christopher Reed
Daniel Retzloff
Tim Ryan
Jennifer Smith
Karalyn Smith
Katheryn Smith
Chris Stegner
Stephen D. Sullivan
Lora Tangman
John F. Watson
Alex Williamson
David Wolfe

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