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    • Hi, Daniel. Thanks for the question.

      The basic answer is “the more powerful the spell/power/psionic skill, the more Successes needed to make it happen.”

      Here on the website, in the “L’Académie des Arcanes” setting, you can find a formulaic build-your-own spells system for generating Success costs. (See “Core Settings” in the TOC.) “Dark Fagara: Age of the Orc” (in the Expanded Edition) lists 43 specific pre-built spells. “Crossover” (a standalone setting on DriveThruRPG) also has a list of its own spells. D6xD6 Dungeons (which I’m currently finishing) lists guidelines for 10 different schools, has the player describe a desired effect, then roll, and the game host interprets the results, as with any other skill. The lighthearted “Chambers & Chimaeras*” setting (also on DriveThruRPG) takes the same approach, with only two types of magic to reflect old-time Saturday morning cartoons.

      The “Psionic Pentalogy” setting (in the Expanded) lists specific psychic powers by Successes needed. The “Blackout” setting (on DriveThruRPG) has superpowers (called “glitch skills” there), and in some instances the number of Successes determines how long the effect lasts. “Ghost of a Chance” (in this website’s “Core Settings”) takes a similar approach.

      In summary, it all comes down to how many Successes to make things fly. But one thing I’ll add is that D6xD6 Dungeons and Chuck McGrew’s Don’t Look Back both lift the limit of a max 36 dice roll, for some extremely powerful effects.

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