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We appreciate the enthusiasm of D6xD6 RPG fans, and the kindness of authors who allow us to represent their worlds. The game’s early success was largely from helping to provide exposure to novelists. Similarly, part of Lester Smith Games’s mission is to usher fans into the world of publishing. The licensing terms on this page aim to continue both of those practices.


You are free, of course, to post articles, rules variants, adventure seeds, and so on about the D6xD6 RPG wherever you like. Send us a link, and we’ll do our best to point people your way. Unexpected rewards may well follow.

Publishing With Us

If have a setting you’d like to see published, but you’d like to leave the production work to us, and gain cross-exposure with other authors in the Lester Smith Games catalog, we’re happy to help. Here are the basic details:

  • You retain all rights to your intellectual property. We retain all rights to our intellectual property.
  • You grant Lester Smith Games the exclusive right to publish the D6xD6 treatment of your property, in ebook and print form through DriveThruRPG.
  • Payment of royalties is automated by DriveThruRPG at the following percentages:
    • 34 percent to the author;
    • 33 percent to the artist;
    • 33 percent to the publisher.
  • You have the right to cancel publication of the setting document at any time after one year from publication. We have that same right of cancellation.

Our usual practice is a letter of agreement between you and us, but if you prefer a more formal document, see our standard contract.

Publishing On Your Own

If you wish to publish adventures and supplements for the D6xD6 RPG without our involvement, you may do so under our Open Supplement License. Basically that means …

  • You may use terminology specific to the system, but the entirety of the D6xD6 rules remain copyrighted and may not be duplicated and/or reproduced.
  • Supplement, here, refers to any materials, including adventures or additional content, that require the original rulebook(s) to properly utilize.
  • The Copyright Notice, Open Supplement License, and “Powered by D6xD6” logo must be prominently displayed. You’ll find links to all three below.
  • You must send an electronic copy of your publication to us for private archival purposes. Contact us via the form on this website to receive an email address for that purpose, or use the form to send us a DropBox link, Google Drive link, or other shareable link.

You can produce your stuff any way you want, but we recommend organizing it to follow our “Settings” format. That way D6xD6 players will know where to find things and what to expect.

Download our Copyright Statement.
Download our Open Supplement License.
Download our high-res “Powered By” logo for publications.

A Closing Message

Thank you again for your interest in and support of the D6xD6 RPG. And best wishes with your own creative works!