D6xD6 Supers

D6xD6 Supers prototype coverWe’re currently working on a D6xD6 Supers rules set! Here’s the prototype cover; please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Unlike the upcoming Emergence and Masked Avengers settings—which are planned as six-page expansions to the D6xD6 RPG—this project will likely be a stand-alone book, with a full set of the D6xD6 RPG core rules adapted specifically to a “Golden Age” supers setting. Our aim is to provide something the whole family can enjoy, but adaptable to grimmer adult settings if you prefer.

We welcome you to join the D6xD6 Supers play-test mailing list, if you’d like an early peek at the rules in progress, once they’re ready.

Thanks for your interest!