Convention Promos and Sales

If you’re reading this page, it means you’re a officially a D6xD6 demo team member. I cannot thank you enough for that.

Player Promos

If I haven’t already sent you free Biz Card PC Sheets and Doubledice for events, please email me. Include a list of how many events you plan to run and where, and I’ll send some gear.

Important note: Most convention freebies get lost or thrown away. That’s publishing money down the drain. D6xD6 Biz Card PC Sheets and Doubledice are an exception to the rule, if they’re used correctly.

    1. Please have players create their own PCs. Here’s why:
      • 5-minute PCs is a huge selling point. With brand-new players it may take 15 minutes to shepherd everyone through, but they’re alo learning core concepts:
        • Focus/Unfocus/Unfamiliar while choosing best and worst Attribute;
        • Occupation as a “super-skill”;
        • Focus Number as skills chosen +1, with experts devoted to just a few, and jacks-of-all-trades able to improvise with even Unfocused/Unfamiliar.
      • Players will be attached to their PCs (unlike games where PC sheets are tossed table center to choose from, and half the session is spent trying to connect with them.)
      • Afterward they’ll actually save their PC biz cards in a pocket, wallet, or purse. It has the game’s URL.
    2. Give a Doubledice to each player at the start. Remind them to keep it as a gift at the end. Say it’s the only way to get a D6xD6 Doubledice. They’ll be delighted. And it has the URL.

Please don’t give anyone else a Biz Card PC Sheet or a Doubledice. These are special gifts for players alone. Thanks.

An Aside: Teaching D6xD6 at Cons

As noted, PC creation is the best way to teach core concepts. I then open the adventure with a few non-combat dice rolls to teach Task Difficulty modifiers and Drama Points. I leave combat rules until later, when a scuffle starts.

This stepwise method gets the group playing immediately and drives home how easy and flexible the game is. The weirdness of one-stat, open-ended occupations, and dice multiplication makes it memorable. It’s why the game stands out from other con events. I’ve spent decades coming up with this pitch and I believe it will work well for you.

Game Sales

After a D6xD6 event, players often ask where they can buy the game. The best answer is “ is the core rules for free, and it has links where you can find the game for sale.”

But some players want to buy a copy right now. And that’s great! (If the convention doesn’t have a rule against it, and if you don’t do it in front of dealers. Because why cause hard feelings?)

Here are two options for selling the D6xD6 RPG Core Book at the table:

  1. Email me about consignment sales. You pay nothing, sell for $20, keep $5, and send me $15.
  2. Buy the book for $13 (postage free) below, sell it for $20, keep it all.

I prefer option 2 because it isn’t limited by my budget. But in either case, thank you very much for helping to build a larger audience.


D6xD6 Core Book – Demo Team – $13

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