For Prospective Authors

Dear Author,

Thank you for your interest in the D6xD6 RPG. If you have a world that you might like to have represented in this game line, please send us a message via the “Contact Me” page.

In the right sidebar of this Web site, you’ll find a list of settings by creatives whose worlds are already included in the D6xD6 RPG Core Book or the Expanded Edition, as well as forthcoming standalone chapters. Clicking any of those links will reveal the cover of the main book in the series (or a similar image for non-book projects) and a few paragraphs of description, with links to the source material, the author site, and so on.

In a nutshell, this project is a free cross promotion of authors’ works, intended to increase everyone’s exposure by pooling fans, pointing them to the initial books in each world, and providing them with a reason to explore those worlds further. Besides the links on this Web site, the ebook versions of the Core Book and the Expanded Edition contain those same hyperlinks, and the print versions clearly identify authors and titles for easy searching online. Additionally, individual setting chapters are available on the popular DriveThruRPG site as hyperlinked PDFs. And the Kickstarter project that funded initial publication of this game remains as an additional way of letting those dedicated fans know of new releases.

We welcome you to review our Standalone D6xD6 Chapter Contract. As you’ll see, you retain all rights to your intellectual property, and income from the chapter is split evenly between you and Popcorn Press, using DriveThruRPG’s automated payment system. We’ll even help to write and illustrate your chapter if you wish. Each chapter is exactly six-pages long (roughly 3,000 words) and priced at 99¢.

We’re happy to discuss longer source books, if you like, and work is also underway on a license that will allow you to publish your own game world, pointing to this site and the D6xD6 RPG Core Book.

Again, thank you for your interest in this ongoing project. We look forward to hearing from you.


Lester Smith

One thought on “For Prospective Authors

  1. “We’re happy to discuss longer source books, if you like, and work is also underway on a license that will allow you to publish your own game world, pointing to this site and the D6xD6 RPG Core Book.”

    How far along is this license?

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