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Thank you for visiting the free online rules for the D6xD6™ RPG! Check the right sidebar for quick links to core rules chapters, five free settings, introductions to additional settings, and more!
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What Is the D6xD6 RPG?

The D6xD6 RPG is a quick-and-easy system for running role-playing games. This Web site consists of a draft of the core rules, five example settings, and an introduction to twenty-one other settings published in the expanded book, as well as news, comments, and a few other support materials.

In the D6xD6 RPG, players can create literally any type of character, based on a unique dice mechanic and a single attribute—Focus. Character abilities are defined primarily by chosen occupation, which together with a list of secondary skills determine the character’s Focus number. Very focused characters are automatically better at their occupation and the few skills they know; less focused characters are better able to succeed even with skills they’ve never trained in.

Layered onto this central mechanic is a modular combat system playable either abstractly (as storytelling) or with map and miniatures.

The individual setting chapters add another layer of specialization, representing the worlds of more than two dozen professional authors so far. (See the right sidebar.)

Creating a character takes just five minutes or so, and a character can fit on a business card. To play, you’ll need two standard six-sided dice. (Or you can use one of our specialty Doubledice!)

Give It a Test Drive!

We invite you to browse the site, try out the rules, leave comments, recommend new authors, and sign up for our periodic news emails! See the comments box on each page, the sign-up form in the left sidebar, and the contact link at the bottom of the right sidebar.

30 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Loving the simplicity and depth of the system. If my reading is correct there are three areas where penalties/bonuses could be applied. +/- before multiplying, +/- after multiplying, or +/- the focus number. Is there a chart or a math-nerd who has shown the order of priority? How does a narrator decide before, after, or focus altering penalties/bonuses?

  2. Hi Les
    Picked the game up on a whim and I have to say I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to try a new RPG.
    I’m getting a dead link when I try the Forum – would love to have a place to discuss the game so any plans to have either a message board or a G+ group?

    • Thanks for the comment, Malcolm. Your excitement is much appreciated.

      A Google Group is a great idea! I’ve now established one, which you’ll find linked where the forum link used to be.


      • Fantastic, thanks. Been a bit tied up with other things the past couple of weeks, but I’ll subscribe to the group now. Have also been plugging the game on an RPG.net thread about interesting new game systems 🙂

  3. This is an excellent system for kids.

    My kids love their pet hermit crabs and we were able to create a complete sand land adventure scenario with NPCs and PCs within half an hour.

    They had an excellent time rescuing a crab village from a storm and battling beetles in underground tunnels.

  4. I played D6xD6 for the first time at Quincon! I played in the “Super hero” setting. It was a great time! I loved the simplicity of the system and the story telling aspects of the game. I like how you can carry your character sheet in your wallet. Over all it is a great and refreshing system to play I would honestly play this type of RPG again before a D&D game or even Pathfinder. Playing in this one game made me miss playing RPG’s. Thank you for all your hard work on this system!!

  5. Played today at Garycon VII
    Brains on a train. Great time. The best game I played at the con. Thanks for running it

  6. I came late to the party but I made a pre-order after the Kickstarter ended while you were still taking orders back in August. Do you have a time frame for when the compiled book will be finished and released? Thanks.

    • Hi, James. Thanks for the question.

      The short answer is that we’re nearly finished. Yay!

      More specifically, we’re currently writing the last two setting chapters. Two others are in editing and will then go to their authors for approval. Our graphic designer has about four images left to prepare. Then we’ll run a few proof copies with the print company and start shipping.

      For ongoing updates of progress (and more history, if you’re interested), we recommend checking out the Kickstarter updates page.

  7. I received the pdfs, and started reviewing.

    Some of the pdfs created have rendered fonts where the bottom of the letters have been cut off.

  8. I don’t have The d6xd6 core system I backed on ks but I’ve been getting supplements emailed.. Where do I get main system?

    • Hi, Frank. Thanks for the question.

      A Kickstarter link is available in backers-only update #67. We also sent a coupon to backers through DriveThruRPG. Those notices are sometimes intercepted by spam filters, so please check your settings to be sure Kickstarter and DriveThruRPG messages can get through.


  9. How will the full and upcoming game settings be made available? I am particularly interested in various science fiction, steampunk, and superhero settings.

    • Thanks for the question, Hayes.

      We’ll begin posting those settings as PDFs on DriveThruRPG.com soon. You can watch the “News!” block in the right sidebar here for announcements, or join our mailing list, or search DriveThruRPG.com on occasion for “D6xD6” to see what’s new.


  10. This idea is brilliant. I’ve always been put-off by the massive tomes of D&D and the arguments of rules minutae amongst players; particularly during play when the roleplaying should be the focus.

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